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Digital Arts

Paper entries must be Pre-Entered by Friday, August 25, 2017.
On-line entries will be accepted Through Saturday, August 26, 2017.

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Download Printer Friendly Version

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Division: Digital Arts - DA
Best of Show Award:
Bosch Motors
Fair Favorite Award:
Source Too Machine, Inc.
For the purpose of this exhibit, photo special effects shall be considered as any manipulation of physical objects or any major manipulation of tones and colors. Repair of red-eye and dust spots as well as modest changes of contrast are not special effects.
Please mount photos securely without frames. Please be aware that sticky-backed Velcro will be used to secure photos to the display surface..
Please mount on cardboard or foam core, no larger than the picture being mounted. No Construction Paper backing. No matting please. Photos will be judged on photo only, not on mounting. Photos will not be accepted if signed or name is on the photo (front or back).
Lots 1 & 2: Original photo(s) must accompany the entry.
Lots 5 & 6 should have a hard copy as well as a CD or DVD. All Websites must run on Internet Explorer. Videos must run on Windows Media Player.
Sizes must be 5" x 7" or larger with the exception of photo essays. Photos must have captions or titles on the back of the photo and listed on the entry form in the description area. Caption will be printed on the entry tag. No Suggestive photos. Tri-County Fair is not responsible for lost or broken items.
Limit: 5 Entries per Class
Digital Arts Including Special Effects & Graphic Design - Class DA1
Lot #
Photo Special Effects Color
Photo Special Effects B/W
Posters, Flyers & Banners
Logo Design
Website Design (min. 3 pages) Please provide a printed copy as well as a CD with all applicable files. No internet access.) Websites judged for proper use of tags, and or script, ease of use, and elegance of design.
Digital Video Production and Editing. (please provide a DVD. Your production must run on Windows Media Player.)
Digital Scrapbook Pages

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