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Congratulations to all our winners at the
2016 Tri-County Fair

Parade Awards
Most Original  

Rocken M Riders

One Moccasin   Vietnam Veterans of America Plaque
Hitch Drawn   Jim Cannon, Proud to be an American Plaque
Commercial 1st Place
Big R Prize Money & Plaque
Commercial 2nd Place   Lazy P Adventure Farms Blue Ribbon
Non-Commercial 1st Place
American Legion Auxiliary / American Legion Prize Money & Plaque
Non-Commercial 2nd Place   Humboldt County Support Staff Organization Blue Ribbon
Novelty 1st Place   Jeep Junkies Prize Money & Plaque
Political 1st Place
Senator Dean Heller & Family Plaque
Political 2nd Place   Governor Brian Sandoval Blue Ribbon
Mounted Group 1st Place
Rocken M Riders Prize Money & Plaque
12 Years and Under 1st Place   WYFL Cheer Prize Money & Plaque
Best Musical   Ignacio Torres Band Prize Money & Plaque
Best Ethnic   Ignacio Torres Riders Prize Money & Plaque
Autos of the Past 1st Place   Iron Horses & Machinery Club Prize Money & Plaque
Autos of the Past 2nd Place   Ridley's Blue Ribbon
Mounted Youth
Kayla Curtis, Winnemucca Junior Queen Prize Money & Plaque
Mounted Individual   Catherine Odgers, Miss Nevada High School Rodeo Prize Money & Plaque
Walking Group
Civil Air Patrol Color Guard Prize Money & Plaque


Best of Show Award Winners
Exhibitors win a one-of-a-kind trophy
Photos will follow by the end of September

CR Ceramics No Entry
Winnemucca Convention & Visitors Authority
CT Crafts Julie Street
Humboldt County
CA Creative Arts Amanda Kienholz
Newmont Mining
CK Crocheting Earlana Lamkey
DA Digital Arts Kathy Patterson
FA Fine Arts Julie Street
Delizioso Global Coffee Espresso
FL Floriculture Brenda Olson
Model T Casino Resort
FD Foods Roberta Rothwell
Bengoa Eye Care
FP Food Preservation Brenda Olson

Jeremy M Keener
FV Fruits, Vegetables & Crops Gabriel Vera   Rick M Grant, DMD
HN Handwork / Needlework Doris Holley
Western Line Builders
KN Knitting Inger Casey
Winners Inn
PH Photography Allison Flowers-Heitman
Verner Chiropractic
QT Quilting Nadine Ham
Motel Scott Shady Court
RC Recycling Suzan Loda
Winnemucca Inn
SW Sewing Debbie Hummel
Sage Petroleum
  Senior Citizen Richard Stump


Other Adult Awards
Cook of the Year
Kim Creedon DeLong Ford
Humboldt County High Point Exhibitor
Roberta Rothwell Newmont
Lander County High Point Exhibitor
Helen Thompson Delizioso Global Coffee Espresso
Pershing County High Point Exhibitor
Shannon Lanier Inland Supply Company
People's Choice Award Richard Stump Tri-County Fair


High Point Award Winners
Exhibitors win a special rossette
CR No Entries
CT Roberta Rothwell
CA Amanda Kienholz
CK Earlana Lamkey
DA Lesley Haas
FA Julie Street
FL Carol Mason
FD Roberta Rothwell
FP Shannon Lanier
FV Roberta Rothwell
HN Roberta Rothwell
KN Doris Holley
PH Jasmine DeSpain
QT Debbie Burke
RC Suzan Loda
SW Debbie Hummel
SRCZ Lynn Donaldson


Fair Favorite Award Winners
CR Ceramics Samm Sharp
Jeremy M Keener
CT Crafts Becky Anderson
Rick Grant, DMD
CA Creative Arts Richard Stump
Western Line Builders
CK Crocheting Sharon Krupicka
New Frontier RV Park
DA Digital Arts Brenda Heintz
Verner Chiropractic
FA Fine Arts Kathy Colegrove
Winners Inn
FL Floriculture Carol Mason
Winnemucca Inn
FD Foods Laura Wadsworth
FP Food Preservation Kim Creedon
FV Fruits, Vegetables & Crops Katie Cassinelli
HN Handwork / Needlework Giuli Bernard
Delizioso Global Coffee Espresso
KN Knitting Doris Holley
Jeremy M Keener
PH Photography Theodore Kern
Bengoa Eye Care
QT Quilting Lynn Donaldson
Model T Resort Casino
RC Recycling Helen Thompson
Rick Grant, DMD
SW Sewing Lynn Donaldson
Western Line Builders
SRCZ Senior Award Glenda Mitchell
Motel Scott Shady Court

Senior Awards
Exhibitors receive Chamber Checks
Best of Show
Richard Stump
High Point Exhibitor

Lynn Donaldson

Fair Favorite
Richard Stump
Treasa Sharp
Creative Arts
Glenda Mitchell
Janet Fontes
Home Arts
Lynn Donaldson

Mini-Construction Contest
Age Category
5 & Under
Hannah Haas
6 - 9
Jayla Mitchell
10 - 12
Tristan Gallagher  

Mayor & Youth Awards
Exhibitors receive a $50.00 Chamber Check
Mayor Award 4-H Junior Grand Champion

Mattie Rose Johnson
Mayor Award 4-H Intermediate Grand Champion

Emma Fretwell
Mayor Award 4-H Senior Grand Champion
Conscious Stettler
Open Youth High Point Exhibitor Samm Sharp
Open Youth Agriculture Grand Champion

Katie Cassinelli
Open Youth Creative Arts Grand Champion

Sara Wadsworth
Open Youth Home Arts Grand Champion
Laura Wadsworth
Open Youth Foods Grand Champion
Julia Wadsworth

Coloring Contest
Ages 3 - 5
Ann Rudolf
Ages 6 - 9 Bailey Rorex
Ages 10 - 12 Savannah Rorex
Ages 13 - 18 Myla Ray
Ages 19 & up April S
Write a Story Contest
Ages 3 - 5 Analese Swensen
Ages 10 - 13 McKenzie Swensen  
Ages 14 - 16 Kate Altman
Create a Picture Contest
Ages 3 - 5 Zoe Haas
Ages 6 - 9 Heidi Wadsworth

Ages 10 - 13

Dean Wadsworth
Giant Veggie Contest

1st Place Adult Thomas Kucharek
2nd Place Adult Richard Haas
1st Place Youth Katie Cassinelli
2nd Place Youth Hannah Haas
Pet Rock Contest
Ages 5 & Under Cash Ryan Guttry
Ages 6 - 9 Caitlyn Peters
Ages 10 - 12 Seth Johnson  
Ages 13 - 18 Tahaya
Ages 19 & up Bryan York
Scavenger Hunt

Angus & Payton Boyles

Brian Kelly  
Decorated Hat Contest
1st Place Adult Ruby Wyckhuyse  
2nd Place Adult Carol Mason
1st Place Youth

Bailey Rorex

2nd Place Youth Zoe Haas
Theme Entry Awards

Gayla Laeupple

Samantha Evans


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